Get that priceless photo out of your attic, junk drawer or shoebox o' keepsakes. Break the rubber bands, shake off the dust, pick up the pieces and take it to your nearest Hollywood FotoFix dealer. There, your nearest photo professional will answer all your questions and help you place your order.
Wait 10-14 days with a peaceful conscience and a nervous tickle in the bottom of your stomach. When your local dealer notifies you, head back down to the shop to pick up your restored photo. If you're the emotional type, bring some Kleenex. You'll be amazed with the results.
Frame it. Hang it. Stick it in an album (archival-only please). Make prints and send them to the relatives. Show off at the family reunion. Be proud of yourself. You've done some good in the world.
  So get those priceless photographs out of the dusty attic and take them to your local Hollywood FotoFix dealer.

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